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Statistical Energy Analysis Freeware

2003-2-24 some minor changes on the web site
2003-2-24 plans for a new software
2003-2-11 2500 downloads
Welcome to the homepage of FreeSEA, the statistical energy analysis freeware!
Statistical Energy Analysis is a technique to study and predict the acoustical and vibrational behaviour of complex structures at high frequencies. The FreeSEA project is intended to promote this technique by making the required software for predictive SEA freely available. On this web site you may at the moment:

At a later stage some more examples will be added. You may contribute your wishes for a new version.

Earlier Changes:

2001-7-12 problem with download fixed
2001-7-5 after 800 downloads: new Domain www.freesea.de
2001-7-5 new Domain www.freesea.de
2000-8-29 new Example “Car body shell”
2000-6-29 new Example “Flanking transmission”
2000-4-19 Release of FreeSEA version 0.91 (bugfix: 0.9 used to crash on certain computers and input files)
2000-3-29 Setup of the website

Contact: Ennes.Sarradj (at) tu-cottbus.de, homepage


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